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Version 2019.06.03

1.6 IaaS 벤더간 서비스 매핑

IaaS 기준으로 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure에서 제공하는 클라우드 서비스를 이해를 돕고자 타사 Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform의 서비스 이름과 매핑하면 Oracle Cloud 사이트 기준으로 다음과 같습니다.

Cloud Service Mapping 공식 사이트

IaaS 벤더간 서비스 매핑

Category Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AWS Azure Google
Regions Availability Domain (AD) Availability Zone (AZ) Availability Zone (AZ) Zones
& Content Delivery
OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network Virtual Private Cloud
& Content Delivery
OCI Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing Load Balancer
Application Gateway
Cloud Load Balancing
& Content Delivery
OCI FastConnect AWS Direct Connect Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Interconnect
Compute OCI Compute - Virtual Machines Amazon EC2 Azure Virtual Machines Compute Engine
Compute OCI Compute - Bare Metal Amazon EC2 - I3.metal
Compute OCI Compute - GPU Amazon EC2 - P2, P3, G3 instances Azure N-Series Google GPU
Compute OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Container Service Azure Kubernetes Service Kubernetes Engine
Compute OCI Container Registry EC2 Container Registry Azure Container Registry Container Registry
Compute Oracle Functions (출시예정) AWS Lambda Azure Functions
Azure Event Grid
Cloud Functions
Storage OCI Block Volumes Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Azure Storage Disk Compute Engine Persistent Disks
Storage OCI File Storage Amazon Elastic File System Azure Files ZFS / Avere
Cloud Filestore (beta)
Storage OCI Object Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Azure Storage Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage Nearline
Storage OCI Archive Storage Amazon Glacier Azure Storage - Standard Cloud Storage Coldline
Storage OCI Data Transfer Service Import/Export Disk
Import/Export Snowball
Import/Export Snowmobile
Azure Data Box
Transfer Appliance
Transfer Service
Storage OCI Storage Gateway Storage Gateway StorSimple ZFS / Avere
Security, Identity
& Compliance
OCI Identity and Access Management AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
AWS Organizations
Azure Active Directory
Azure Subscription and Service Management + Azure RBAC
Cloud Identity & Access Management
Security, Identity
& Compliance
OCI Key Management Service Key Management Service Key Vault Cloud Key Management Service
Security, Identity
& Compliance
OCI Audit AWS CloudTrail Activity Logging Cloud Audit Logging
Database OCI Database Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Azure SQL Database Cloud SQL (MySQL, Postgres)
Cloud Spanner
Database Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Amazon Aurora Azure SQL Database
Azure Cosmos DB
Cloud SQL
Cloud Spanner
Database Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Amazon Redshift Azure SQL Data Warehouse BigQuery
Database Oracle NoSQL Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Datastore
Cloud Bigtable
Edge OCI DNS Amazon Route53 Azure DNS
Azure Traffic Manager
Cloud DNS
Edge OCI Email Delivery Amazon SES Marketplace - Email Partners
Edge OCI Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall Application Gateway Web Application Firewall Partners
Edge OCI DDoS Protection AWS Shield Azure DDoS Protection Service Cloud Armor

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Last updated on 21 May 2019